Hey, #WannaPlay?

With the Pan Am games in town, my little one loves to try all the fun tricks that she sees the gymnasts doing on tv.  It's amazing to see how inspired she is by all of the amazing athletes that have been welcomed to our great city.  Our couches have magically turned into make-shift trampolines, there have been many attempts at "synchronized" swimming in our tiny backyard pool with her cousins, and running laps around the park with our pups, all to get the gold medal!

Usually after work, I'm pretty pooped and want to do nothing more than to get home and just chillax.  But having an active 8 year old means that we need to tire her out before she outtires us!  I've found that the only way to beat being tired is to get out there and get more active.  It's been proven that any form of exercise will usually increase your energy levels, which will make you feel awesome, and help improve your sleep (which is what you wanted to do in the first place AMIRIGHT???).  We live in a pretty suburban neighbourhood but are surrounded by conservation areas where there is always something new to discover along the way.  Our little one loves nature and loves studying animals in their natural habitat, so we don't mind taking a little longer on our walks as it's a win-win-win (she gets to explore, we get to bond as a family, and we all get to stay active).  

This summer, Canadian Tire is encouraging all Canadians to get out there and just PLAY!  They've launched an awesome contest on both their Twitter and Instagram accounts.  Although the contest officially started on July 6th, you're not too late to enter into both the daily draws of $100 Canadian Tire gift cards, or the Grand prize draw of $1000 in Canadian Tire gift cards!  Think of all the fun things you could buy for $100, let alone $1000!!!!  Maybe you could upgrade to a newer bike, get an awesome trampoline, or a bigger pool  for the backyard?

So do you #WannaPlay?  Show Canadian Tire how you and your family are keeping active this summer.  Simply upload a photo to your twitter and/or instagram accounts of a sport or playing theme and tag @CanadianTire and use the #WannaPlay hashtag.  Sounds pretty simple right?  Now get out there, have fun, capture and share the memories with Canadian Tire for you chance to win!