When it rains, it S'mores! #StreamTeam

Being on a limited budget in our household means having to create our own little adventures.  Although we love playing outdoors, we also enjoy our rainy days.  It gives us the time to cuddle up and spend some quality time together.  So. . . what can you do when you're "stuck" inside?  At our house we play dress-up (and no, you're never too old to play dress-up!), some classic board games, we bake, and our fave thing to do is escape in some of Netflix's awesome content while enjoying our famous "Indoor-Smores".  What makes them famous, you might ask?  Well, not much, except for the fact that I make them.  My little one will not have it any other way!

We recently attended a Dragons-themed event in the heart of Toronto's very own Distillery District.  We watched an advanced screening of the first 2 episodes of Netflix DreamWorks' "Dragons: Race To The Edge" series.  It was a day jam-packed with activities and snacks.

Hey, #WannaPlay?

With the Pan Am games in town, my little one loves to try all the fun tricks that she sees the gymnasts doing on tv.  It's amazing to see how inspired she is by all of the amazing athletes that have been welcomed to our great city.  Our couches have magically turned into make-shift trampolines, there have been many attempts at "synchronized" swimming in our tiny backyard pool with her cousins, and running laps around the park with our pups, all to get the gold medal!