How @BlissdomCA 2013 Changed My Life (And I wasn't even there!!!)

I'm Finding My #Blissdom, Are You?

Let's rewind a little bit.  The year is 2012 and I decided to join Twitter. (Silly me, don't know why I waited so long!) After following a few celebs and brands, I saw the interaction that some of my favourite brands were having with regular ordinary people JUST LIKE ME!  I thought, man this is cool!  So slowly, I started following some of those people and liked what they were saying on twitter.  I started clicking on their blogs and would you believe that I actually READ through whole posts?!?  It was amazing to see that there were other people (JUST LIKE ME!) who were sharing their thoughts, dreams, ideas, and sometimes literally EVERYTHING including their kitchen sinks :)

Well, within a few months of "twittering", I saw a few of my fellow tweeps getting all excited because of two "Blogger's Conferences" that were coming up.   At first, I honestly didn't know what to think.  As far as I understood of what a "Conference" was, I pictured a bunch of bored people listening to a presentation about (fill the blank) all while enjoying a free breakfast.  As I began following the tweets I started seeing that this would be a good place to learn about "blogging".  Well, I entered contest after contest trying to win passes to either of these conferences and low and behold, I received a notification from Lynn, over at OttawaMommyClub, saying that I had been randomly selected as a winner of a free full conference pass to She's Connected.  Woohoo, I had just saved myself a lot of money for something I wasn't really too sure about.  Well as the days drew closer, the anxiety started kicking in.  (I'm a bit of an introvert - at first!)  Not knowing what to expect, I just grabbed my essentials (a notebook, some pens, my smartphone, and my daughter's tablet!) and headed to the conference with my kiddo :).

Well, 2 days of inspirational and informative sessions, sweet brand swag, and meeting the people behind the twitter handles proved that IF I had paid for this conference, it would've been worth EVERY PENNY!  It was amazing to see that this blogging world goes BEYOND just you, a computer screen, and a keyboard. How a simple message using only 140 measly characters can change someones life, and/or connect you with people around the world!  This intricate network of people sharing their experiences was intriguing as much as it was humbling. I was overwhelmed by how much information I walked away with, but in a good way!  

Let's fast forward a little bit to 2013 :)  I wanted to switch things up and attend Blissdom this time.  Heck, it was being held in my neck of the woods and so many of the bloggers I had gotten to know were raving about it!  Well, all of the stars seemed like they were lining up, with the exception of the most important star. . . my employer.  My work schedule didn't work in my favour and as I result I had to miss out on attending Blissdom.  Well, sort of!  I was, what some would call, a virtual attendee.  I was there in Twirit (twitter spirit).  Yes, I was at work, but luckily it was a slow couple of days and it allowed me to follow along with a few of the microsessions, and connect with some pretty cool bloggers.  One of my fave connections was tweeting Christella Morris.  It started with a funny tweet, that lead to me reading her twitter bio (The opinions expressed on here are my own, except the ones you don't like, those are your moms!) which lead to us following eachother, and from there I knew I had found a new friend (someone JUST LIKE ME!).  We've been twit chatting since then, and I've watched her grow and go viral (she's at over 900,000 shares/views for this post) and is now the new YMC Tech blogger! YOU GO GIRL!

Now don't get me wrong, I was able to "walk away" from Blissdom 2013 with some very handy tips and information. I was even connected with some pretty cool brands like my friends over at Microsoft and Tim Hortons to name a few! But after everything was said and done, I knew I was missing out on the actual CONNECTION with my tweeps and the people behind the brands.  The people behind the final product that we see are what really matter.  I knew at that moment that I NEEDED to attend the next Blissdom no Ifs, Ands, or Buts! To be honest, I've been driving my spouse a little crazy over the last couple of weeks.  It's been a lot of "Blissdom this" and "Blissdom that", and "Oh, at Blissdom" . . . you get the idea.  It's driving me absolutely insane that financially this probably isn't the brightest move for us (seeing as my spouse has recently found herself unemployed due to illness), but I know that the benefits of attending this conference will pay for itself. One major advantage is that it's being held in my neck of the woods again, at the wonderful Delta Meadowville (where I saw nothing but rave reviews from last year's attendees!).  As of right now, all I can ask of those reading this is for some positive vibes as I start a new journey and hope to finally find MY Blissdom!

Whoa, that snail is FAST!

For those who loved the Dreamworks animated film Turbo, you'll fall in love all over again as the crew is back at it with the new Netflix-Original series "Turbo FAST".  It was released in Canada on April 4th and my daughter has completely fallen in love with it.  She was ill for about a week, so the only natural thing to do was keep her hydrated and entertained (things can get real boring real fast!).  The best part of all this is that she's not even the slightest bit upset that she's streamed ALL of the available episodes, she just loves re-watching them!    

"Turbo FAST” is an outrageous, high-octane ensemble comedy series teaming the world-famous super-powered snail Turbo (Reid Scott) with his posse of adrenaline-junkie buddies to form the Fast Action Stunt Team (FAST).  Together, they amp up everything to the extreme: extreme adventure, extreme challenges and extreme excitement.  Each member of the Stunt Team – Turbo (Reid Scott), Whiplash (John Eric Bentley), Burn (Grey DeLisle-Griffin), Smoove Move (Phil Lamarr), White Shadow (Michael Patrick Bell), Skidmark (Amir Talai) and Turbo’s brother and team medic, Chet (Eric Bauza)– has their own customized shell and catch phrase (Ya dig?).

Home base may be the Los Angeles microcosm Starlight City, complete with a customized racetrack to practice their moves, but thanks to Smoove Move, this souped-up posse grooves to a global beat and travels far and wide to take on villains from all over the world.  With their tricked-out shells in tow, the team attempts outrageous stunts, races on the coolest tracks and takes on the craziest challengers, including masked Mexican lizards, surfer cockroaches and giant Sumo snails. No matter how wild things get, the Fast Action Stunt Team always has each other’s backs. The first-ever Netflix original series for kids, DreamWorks’ Turbo FAST delivers a whole new level of excitement.  Snail Up!  Anytime, anywhere, only on Netflix.

Together with Netflix, one lucky M.A.C.T. reader will win a free six month subscription to Netflix along with some sweet Turbo FAST swag (valued at $150).  Enter the giveaway via Rafflecopter below. Contest is open to all residents of Canada (excl. QC). Good-luck!  But hey, everyone's a winner right?  Click on this link for access to some pretty neat Turbo FAST downloadable activities and interactive games!

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