It's Canadian, Who Knew? #StreamTeam

O.K., so do any of you remember watching "Are You Afraid of the Dark" as a kid and being completely terrified?  Resulting in nightlights being left on for days after the show had aired?  I do!
To this very day, I still remember certain episodes and if I think of them in wee hours of the night, I still get the heebies!  Luckily for me, my kiddo is still in the pre-tween stage, meaning I won't have to re-live those episodes for a little while longer (sigh of relief!).  Currently, she loves watching Johnny Test, Frannie's Feet, Caillou, Monster Math Squad, and Team Umizoomi (to name a few).  I'm amazed at just how unaware I was of how many great kids shows are Canadian.  I had no idea that some of the shows we've all grown up on, were actually created right here on our doorsteps.  I love that they're able disguise learning with fun games, songs, and interactive adventures!

Guardians Of The Galaxy ~ What a Marvel

This weekend we attended a pre-screening of Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy hosted by Subway Canada.  When a close friend of mine got the news that she would be attending this screening with my girls and I, let's just say she was a little too excited! (Here's the thing, she's been looking forward to watching this movie since she saw a tiny clip of it at last year's ComicCon!).  
Not knowing what to expect, I turned to the official movie trailer, and didn't know whether or not I could take a movie with a talking racoon seriously, but man was I wrong.