Smart Is The New Cool! MC2 #StreamTeam

So my kid thinks going back to school is cool.  She feels bad for all the other kids who are dreading going back to school.  Wait a minute, this is my child?  My child who almost a year ago had enough anxiety to kill a cat?!?

I'm so proud as a parent to know that she wants to learn!  Netflix released a new series called "MC2".  This new series follows four super smart and science-savvy girls as they are recruited to join the secret spy organization, NOV8 ("Innovate"), and the have to learn to work together to save the day.  Each possess unique skills, but when combined there's almost nothing that can stop them. Watching the new teen show on Netflix "MC2" has really given her the push that she needs to know that there are girls out there who love science, math, and all the fun experiments that come along with liking those subjects.

The awesome folks at Netflix sent us a Mckeyla McAlister doll, complete with a lava lamp experiment kit.  Well, my little Mikaela was over the moon with the fact that they randomly sent her a doll that had the same name as hers (just different spelling).  That evening, we were lava-ing our newest addition to the family!  Check out the unboxing video done by the one and only "Mckeyla McAlister" herself!

The last week before school is usually the toughest for my little monkey.  Dealing with the anxiety of going to school, meeting new teachers, and having different classmates usually takes it's toll on her, so I took it off to spend some quality time with her and ease her into it.  With work, and other stuff going on, it feels like life gets in the way more than I'd like it to and I wanted to make sure she was prepared for an awesome year that lay ahead of her.

We spent the entire week doing different science/exploration activities.  Day 1 with her, and man oh man did I realize just how much I love this kid!  We started the day off by having a nice chat over breakfast.  *It's amazing what kids have to say when you actually pay attention to them.  Not to say that I don't pay attention, but usually I have a list of a million other things going on in my head.* Once breakfast was over, we began building our "LoveBot" tin can robot.  Check out the short vid of our completed little "LoveBot" on our Instagram!
Day 2 - Consisted of "mining" for gems

Day 3 - We grew our very own Crystal Dino

Day 4 - We dug up Dino bones

Day 5 - And on our last day, we made some really neat glow-in-the-dark snow and attempted a game of "Justin Bieber's Backstage Pass". Our pup was just as amused as I was *insert sarcasm here*  Don't get me wrong, I like the Biebs, its the game that was a little . . . different.

We concluded our awesome week with our family tradition: the annual "End-of-Summer" trip to the  CNE.