Savings???? What's that????

Have you ever tried saving money and failed?  Always feel like you're 2 steps ahead of the game, only to realize you've been playing the wrong game?  As many of you have seen, there is this lovely challenge going around Pintrest and the Twittersphere called the "52 Week Money Challenge".  It's a challenge where every week of the year you put the corresponding amount in dollars into a "Savings Jar".  Ex. Week 1 = Put $1.00 into the Jar, Week 2 = $2.00, and so on until you reach the 52nd week where you will place your final $52.00 into that jar!  The final total at the end of that glorious 52nd week should be a whopping $1,378.00!

I don't know about you, but I'm probably one of the worst people I know when it comes to saving money.  I feel like the more I have, the quicker it slips through my grasp!  Here's a well known fact about me; I love to travel with my family.  Every year we take a trip down south (we love Cancun!), its our way of disconnecting from the world and reconnecting as a family :)  This year will be tough as my partner is very ill and will soon be unable to work.  I've decided to take on this challenge so that, even though it won't be enough to send our family of 3 to Cancun, it'll be enough to treat ourselves to a nice family stay-cation.  So let's see how far I get this year!  Who knows, maybe a money tree will grow in my backyard and I'll be able to take my girls down South after all!

If this proves tough financially, there's also the 365 Day Penny Challenge!  This method will have you seeing a bonus $667.95 on the 365th day of the year!

What do you save up for?