5 Things Your Mom Actually Wants for Mother's Day!

5 things your mom actually wants for Mother's Day (from a mom to her kid(s) in no particular order):

1) Time to herself. (this includes letting her sleep in!)
You don't need to send her to a spa, just let her have a day to herself. Let her do whatever she wants to do, ALONE. And by all means, if she wants to go to a spa (she'll be dropping hints if she does), then get her a gift certificate to a local spa and let her enjoy it. 

2) A freshly made bed.
Ah, who doesn't love the smell of clean sheets? And the feel of neatly tucked in taught sheets against your skin. Need I say more?

3) Breakfast in bed. 
Actually, make all of the meals that day! There's nothing more satisfying than eating a meal that's been freshly prepared by someone else.

4) Laundry done and put away (same goes for the dishes).
Nothing else needs to be said about this. It's the "not having to do it" that makes it wonderful.

5) Printed photos. 
OK, so I know you have a gazillion photos stored on your camera, your phone, you google drive, iCloud (I could keep going!). Take the time to pick out and print special photos from the last year, buy a photo album to place them in or print a photobook and wrap it up. She'll love it!

At the end of the day, showing your mom how much you love her is all she really needs. Flowers and chocolate are nice, but save those goodies to be used randomly throughout the year, she'll appreciate the surprise. 

**Feel free to use the above list for ANY special occasion 
in which to celebrate that special woman in your life!**