Tangerine Bank+Steve Nash = #BrightWayForward

The Stuff Legends Are Made Of

About 2 weeks ago, my kiddo and I were invited to attend a special event being held at the YMCA hosted by Tangerine Bank.  While she's not very athletic, she had an absolute blast and was especially thrilled when she realized that she had just played basketball with one of the greats!  She still hasn't stopped talking about it.

We left that day learning a little more about what it means to work towards your dreams.  Hard work, drive, and passion all play a roll in achieving them.  Tangerine Bank has partnered with Steve Nash to help empower young Canadians.  Not only are they providing the resources to help teach financial awareness and responsibility, but they are also giving them the tools to gain the confidence and skill they'll need in the future.

Here are two amazing videos captured by the ever-so-awesome +Deborah Coombs as I was viewing from the Tangerine Lounge upstairs.  I still can't believe my little princess got some one-on-one time with Steve.

The Unity Ambassadors were also on hand to provide some education through entertainment.  Each Ambassador shared their unique skills, along with some valuable life-lessons to show how they were able to accomplish their dreams. There was some break dancing, some rapping, and the most loved by all the children, the amazing beat-boxer Scott Jackson.  Here's a little peak at Steve Nash beat-boxing (yet another skill added to his roster!).  As you can see, we were sitting right behind the legend himself!

Here's a quick little blurb from the Tangerine #BrightWayForward website describing their partnership and what it means to inspire and empower the next generation:
"We’ll still be cheering for Steve long after he steps off the court. As Program Ambassador for Bright Way Forward, Steve is helping to empower more than 500,000 Canadians, including helping 15,000 kids across Canada develop leadership skills, sportsmanship and a love for the game through Steve Nash Youth Basketball. His contributions, both on and off the court, are why we’re proud to be his partner. #ThanksNash 
“Tangerine’s support will help us provide skills, teamwork and leadership coaching to more than 15,000 kids in communities across Canada. By teaming up with Canada Basketball and all of these incredible charities, there's no doubt this initiative will help inspire and make a positive difference in the lives of countless Canadians by giving them a Bright Way Forward." ~ Steve Nash

This post is sponsored by Tangerine Bank, but as always all opinions are my own!