"It's Not Easy Being Mean!" - A Muppets Most Wanted Review!

"My name first, then space bump, space bump, space bump, your name!"

We were among the lucky few who attended the @SubwayCanada screening of "Muppets Most Wanted" this weekend.  Now I have to say that this wasn't your typical screening!  We were greeted at the theater entrance by some wonderful Subway staff, including Subway's #CommitToFit Ambassador Carl Savard , who were handing out gift cards along with admission :) A treat within a treat! 

After picking up our popcorn (yes, I know it was 9:30 in the morning, but what's a movie without some popcorn? LOL), we
headed to our auditorium and were again greeted by some 
friendly staff, including the infamous Subway Monkey!  We quickly
headed to our seats and instead of watching the usual previews, we were treated to some interactive trivia questions.  Those who correctly answered them (I was one of the lucky 10!) were selected as winners and got to pick up a "Muppets Most Wanted" Subway bag filled with some goodies!  Moments before the movie started, Carl Savard not only introduced himself to the audience, but also shared his inspiring motivational story about his #CommitToFit journey.

Now, onto the movie!  The End!  (Spoiler Alert: Yup, that's how it
Official Muppets Most Wanted Poster
begins!)  That's the only spoiler I'm going to offer, as the movie is way to good to ruin for you!  So why should you go watch this with your kiddos, your significant others, and your besties?  Because it's jam packed with awesomesauce that's why!  Cameos from Usher, Lady Gaga, and Celine Dion as non-other than the Piggy Fairy Godmother!  There are too many cameos to list on here, so go and check out the movie for yourself, I promise you'll be happily surprised by the familiar faces!  

Kermit and Constantine.  Or is it Constantine and Kermit?
Duets? Yes!  
Villains?  Have you not seen the preview?  
A love story?  With a twist of course!  
Two Kermits?  Never!  
There can only be 1!

Here's the Muppets Most Wanted official trailer! Coming to a theater near you on March 21, 2014!  Tell me what you think :)